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Beam is founded on our vision to lead strategic research and value-added business consulting, and, in particular, to make technological programs with social goals fit for their purpose and clearly coupled, at all times, to their objectives

Our leadership team has been responsible for several innovations and inventions in the field of Organisational Strategy and Enterprise Architecture, and has provided practical stewardship in transformation programs. Our team combines highest industrial accreditations, with platform and vendor neutrality and impartial pragmatic advice of long-term value.

We maintain, and provide services on, the BEAM (Benchmark for Enterprise Architecture Maturity) specification developed by our chief architect. BEAM is an objective and precise approach that can help an organisation understand the amount of transformational change that it can safely implement in a single program (or a set of parallel programs with synchronisation points and interdependency), and compare ability of suppliers to deliver/contribute to such transformations.

We are also custodians of Beacon Architecture - a systematic EA approach focussing on planning and action that can assist the enterprise beyond the typical planning horizon/CXO tenure of ~ 3years.

Our services include:
• Advice on defining and crystallising business strategy, roadmap, and planning & rolling out a set of solutions - business and technology - to meet strategic objectives
• Business Architecture-led approach to definition and management of organisational transformation, particularly one involving complex technological implementations
• Advice, assistance and audit on traceability chain linking social objectives at one end and technology solutions delivered & institutionalised at the other
• Raising predictability of business and business-led ICT transformations through use of BEAM (Benchmark for Enterprise Architecture Maturity) as a definitive tool to help organisations understand the level of transformation that they can handle, and that key suppliers - wherever involved - can deliver, as a single program or as a set of parallel interdependent programs
• Assurance of data governance and effectiveness of SIRO (senior information risk officer) function by simplifying and rationalising data flow, auditing master data management, and building definitive models for data management and directory of known information risk hotspots in public health domain
• Assistance to SIROs and other designated information governance functions (e.g. Caldicott Guardians) to together reduce, by design, information risk
• Devising objective, evidence-based, practical models to implement and monitor on recommendations of government and corporate vision papers
• Improving information governance in disparate distributed information systems


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